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Thiele + Thiele Consult International

Center for Ecological Apiculture
Center for social medicine and natural Apitherapy

Zentrum fuer wesensgemaesse Bienenhaltung
Zentrum für soziale Medizin und natuerliche Bienentherapie

Technical literature

All publications availlable in electronically form. 
Further expertises and prices on request.

Operating Manual Organic / Ecological Top-Bar Beekeeping. Order code: manual-A-011-12

Organic Beekeeping Letters . Order code: book-A-007

Apiculture. Quarterly e-zine on latest news from beescience and practice relevant for organic/ecological beekeeping. Including supplement: Apicultural Review Letters. Order code: Journal-A-020

Natural Science. Quaterly e-zine on Science including supplement: Science Review Letters. Order code: Journal-A-021


Expertise on certification and prices of Honey and other beeproduce.

Expertise on Foodsafety: Risk assessment and health hazards of Pesticides and produce of Agro-Biotechnology. Health hazards of Agro-Genetic engineering to human beings and bees. Is the socalled "green" biotechnology or "Agri" Genetic engineering the most severe regression in animal - and plant breeding which ever occured in history?

Expertise on the questions: Why is there no future for "green" and "red" Biotechnology?. Why does "green" Biotechnology lead to a food crises worldwide? 

Expertise on organic Beekeeping Standards.

Expertise on Foodquality - especially Honey and other beeproduce.

Expertise on Social medicine/Apitherapy.

Expertise on the topic "lobbyism in life sciences" - Why are especially retired scientists, who are suffering crankiness and mental deficiency caused by old age, being planted in councels of Biotech firms? On the shallowness of editors-in-chief of Biotech-magazines.

Expertise on the question: "is the "green" Biotechnology responsible for the hunger and death of millions of poor people?"

Expertise on lacking safety culture of American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Europien authority for foodsafety (EFSA).

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