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Turning away from Dinosaur-Technologies such as "green Biotechnology", Crispr-Cas9, Agro Genetic Engineering, Factory Farming and Dangerous Pesticides; Biotech-Tomato More...

No more Biotech; Biotech-Milk, Biotech-Cheese, Biotech-Bees More...

Comedies like "Le Malade imaginaire" pick mainstram medicine (Biotech-Medicine) to pieces; if medical doctors don't go on distance to Biotech-Medicine, medicine is going to loose confidence; this wrong medicine already being criticised by Human Rights Organisations More...

St. Gregor von Nyssa

St. Thomas Aquinas - Philosopher of Gothic Period

Aristoteles - Philosophy of Sciences

Hegel On Cause And Effect Of Finance Crisis - Money, Gambling And Finance Business, Genetic Engineering Roulette Instead Of Civil Rights

Global Eco-Management - Turning Away From Dinosaur-Technologies Such As "Green Biotechnology" Or Agro Genetic Engineering, Factory Farming And Dangerous Pesticides

Abstract: rejecting materialism. Rejecting agro genetic engineering in Europe. But also worldwide rejecting of agro-biotechnology and hybride-technologies. Many asian farmers want to care about their fields themselves again, and they have become more self-confident. "Local rice seeds and organic fertilizer bring us prosperity". Of course there are still advocates of agro-biotechnology such as Robert Zeigler, Director of the International Rice research institute on Pilippines (IRRI), Achim Dobermann, chief of research in IRRI, Steen Riisgaard, largest producer of genetically modified enzymes and leader of danish World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Mike Mack (Syngenta), Ingo Potrykus and Peter Beyer from ETH Zurrich, Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation etc; but all what you can hear is mainly echo out of emty heads. Until now philippine farmers refuse to grow hybride and genetically modified seeds from Bayer, Monsanto, Syngenta, Pioneer - despite of lavish subventions. They complain about too small prices, no demand for it and poor quality. The same apply to "golden rice", which was created with gentic engineering by Ingo Potrykus and Peter Beyer from ETH Zurrich 10 years ago. It contains more  provitamine A, iron and essential amino acids as normal rice is said to prevent deficiency symtoms. Nowadays it is well known that artificially added vitamins or those added by genetic engineering can cause heavy diseases. This is a fact that should be known by all interested human beings with ability to take things in. Bill Gates is not one of this group. His Melinda and Bill Gates foundation supports the spread of these kind of genetically modified seeds. Green, red, and white biotechnology not suitable for global eco-management. Michael Braungart: We are sitting on the titanic, spoon the water with a tablespoon instead with a teaspoon and say, the direction is correct. Instead of romanticizing nature, we should take nature as an example  (2011,Vol.10 # 406)

Dangerous Toxins From Genetically Modified Plants Found In Women And Fetuses

Links to Allergies, Auto-Immune Disease, and other Disorders, Natural Bt is Dangerous; Bt Cotton linked to Human Allergies, Animal Deaths; Living Pesticide Factories Inside us?

The Full Story Of An Until Now Legal Poison: Roundup (Glyphosate) - Monsanto's Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases And Endangers Human And Animal Health. Alzheimer, Parkinson, Cancer

Social Medicine / Alternative Therapies And Holistic Healing Instead Of Red Biotechnology / Biopharmaceutically Produced Medicine - Natural And Holistic Apitherapy

The Five Main GM Foods Are Soy, Corn, Cotton, Canola And Sugar Beets. Products Made Of These GM Foods Such As Sugar, High Fructose Sirope, Lecithine Are More Toxic Than Expected. Even FDA And EFSA Gave Wrong Testimonials Over Years; They Failed Together With Many Leading Politicians (For Instance Obama, Cameron...)

Abstract: GMOs are pervasive and high-risk. The five main GM foods are soy, corn, cotton, canola, and sugar beets. Their derivatives are found in more than 70% of the foods in the supermarket. The primary reason the plants are engineered is to allow them to drink poison. They're inserted with bacterial genes that allow them to survive otherwise deadly doses of poisonous herbicide. Biotech companies sell the seed and herbicide as a package deal. Roundup Ready crops survive sprays of Roundup. Liberty Link crops survive Liberty. US farmers use hundreds of millions of pounds more herbicide because of these herbicide-tolerant crops, and the higher toxic residues end up inside of us. All GM crops, in fact, should be considered high-risk. Irrespective of which gene you insert, the process of genetic engineering itself results in massive collateral damage within the plants' natural DNA. This can result in new or higher levels of toxins, carcinogens, allergens, or nutrient-blocking compounds in our food. The liver is a primary detoxifier. Its condition can indicate if there are toxins in our food. Mice and rats fed GM feed had profound changes in their livers. In some cases, livers were smaller and partially atrophied. Some were significantly heavier, possibly inflamed. And certain cellular changes indicated a toxic insult from the GM diet. Although no studies have looked at the impact of eating meat or milk from GM-fed animals, secret FDA documents made public from a lawsuit revealed that their Center for Veterinary Medicine was very concerned that toxins from GM foods might bioaccumulate in the livestock. If so, their milk and meat may be even more dangerous than the GM plants. (2009,Vol.8 # 309)

More Food Crisis And Hunger In The World Due To Agro Genetic Engineering - Toxic Food - Not Only For Cows, Sheeps And Honeybees - Made By Monsanto & Co

Global Eco-Management - Turning away from Dinosaur-Technologies such as Biotechnology, Especially Agro Genetic Engineering

Bush- And Obama Administration Left Behind Nothing But Contaminated Land, Junk Scientists And Junk Burocrats

Even Obama's team includes dangerous biotech "Yes Men". Every country has it's Biotech “Yes Men” and "Yes women". The most prominent in Germany for instance are Annette Schavan and Angela Merkel. Both are well known for their ability to take the best from what is useless. They don't stop on the way in the blind alley. They love junk science and support biotech- and pesticide-industry in Germany and Europe. Maybe one day one will say Merkel-Administration left behind nothing but contaminated land, junk scientists and junk burocrats. Biotech “Yes Men” on Obama’s team threaten to expand the use of dangerous genetically modified (GM) foods in our diets. Instead of giving us change and hope, they may prolong the hypnotic “group think” that has been institutionalized over three previous administrations—where critical analysis was abandoned in favor of irrational devotion to this risky new technology. Food Safety Lies.  Who flooded the market with dangerous GMOs. Bush’s environmental legacy on GMOs is irreversible. Bush policies institutionalize GMO contamination. How to avoid Foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). (2008,Vol.7 # 271)

Monsanto, FDA And The GM-Crop-Disaster

The US government payments to farmers are several $ billions annually due to GM crops. Growers have only been kept afloat by the huge jump in subsidies. genetic pollution caused by today’s GMOs could theoretically outlast the effects of global warming and nuclear waste. Genetically modified sugar beets. A brand killed about 100 Americans and caused 5,000-10,000 to become sick or permanently disabled. The average GM crop reduces yield. Herbicide tolerant crops lower yields and increase herbicide use. In India thousands of Bt cotton farmers committed suicide - the rate in one region was one suicide every eight hours. On Monsanto`s bribery-system, dirty tricks, pack of lies and all the little blackguards and vice-blackguards: FDA policy created by Michael Taylor states, "The agency is not aware of any information showing that foods derived by these new methods differ from other foods in any meaningful or uniform way." On the basis of this sentence, the FDA claimed that no safety studies are necessary; biotech companies thus determine on their own if their products are harmless. Internal records were made public due to a lawsuit and the deception came to light. But it was too late. GM crops were widespread - and Michael Taylor had been duly rewarded after leaving the FDA by becoming a Monsanto vice president. (2008,Vol.7 # 202)

Biosafety? Unscientific Assumptions The Basis Of Approvals? - Blatant Propaganda Exercise Stands Validated As Exemplary Science - Toxic GM Foods Could Have Been Approved

Submissions to the US Food and Drug Administraion (FDA) may be worse than in other countries, since the agency doesn't actually require any data. Their policy—overseen by Monsanto's former attorney who later became the company's vice president—says that biotech companies can determine if their own foods are safe. Anything  submitted is voluntary and, according to former Environmental Protection Agency scientist Doug Gurian-Sherman, "often lack[s] sufficient detail, such as necessary statistical analyses needed for an adequate safety evaluation." Using Freedom of Information Requests, Gurian-Sherman analyzed more than a fourth of the data summaries of GM crops reviewed by the FDA. He says, "Our evaluation found that the biotechnology companies provide inadequate data to ensure their products are safe".
Two GM foods whose commercialization was stopped because of negative test results give a chilling example of what may be getting through. Rats fed GM potatoes had potentially precancerous cell growth in the stomach and intestines, less developed brains, livers, and testicles, partial atrophy of the liver, and damaged immune systems. GM peas provoked an inflammatory response in mice, suggesting that the peas might trigger a deadly anaphylactic shock in allergic humans. Both of these dangerous crops, however, could easily have been approved. The problems were only discovered because the researchers used advanced tests that were never applied to GM crops already on the market. Both would have passed the normal tests that companies typically use to get their products approved. Ironically, when Monsanto was asked to comment on the pea study, their spokesperson said it demonstrated that the regulatory system works. He failed to disclose that none of the company's GM crops had been put through such rigorous tests. (2007, Vol. 6, #182)

Genetically Modified (GM) Foods Are Unhealthy And Unsafe

Genetically modified (GM) foods are inherently unsafe, and current safety assessments are not competent to protect us from or even identify most dangers. Soy allergies jumped 50% in the U.K. just after GM soy was introduced. immune responses are triggered by both the natural Bt toxin in spray form and Bt crops. The concentration of Bt toxin in crops, however, can be thousands of times higher than in sprays; and changes in its protein structure make the crop version more likely to provoke reactions in humans. Additional evidence: When populations were exposed to Bt spray, hundreds complained of allergic reactions; exposed farm workers also exhibited antibody responses.
Bt-cotton workers in India reported sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, skin eruptions, itching and burning, red skin and eyes, facial swelling, and fever. Some people required hospitalization. The two lists are nearly identical-only "exacerbations of asthma" was on the spray list and not the other. Asthma and breathing difficulties were reported by Filipinos who inhaled Bt-corn pollen. They also described swollen faces, flu-like symptoms, fever, and sneezing. Some individuals in both India and the Philippines also reported long-term effects after exposure. The list of symptoms in the Philippines, however, did contain items not reported by the other two groups. These included coughs, headache, stomach ache, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, and numbness. Reproductive Problems. (2007, Vol. 6, #180)

The Full Catastrophe Of Agrobiotechnology, Genetically Modified (GM) Foods, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) I-V

The Full Catastrophe Of Agrobiotechnology Part V

The whole catastrophe of genetically modified foods and GMOs can be seen by daylight now. Companies like Monsanto gave bribes and questionable payments to officials, attempting to get their genetically modified (GM) plants approved. On Monsanto`s bribery-system, dirty tricks, pack of lies and all the little blackguards and vice-blackguards. BASF-CEO Jürgen Hamprecht tells us about his partnership with Monsanto because he believes in the 'compentence' of Monsanto in these matters. The conflict of interest among scientists at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) GMO Panel and FDA - FDA ceated health crisis - how corporations engineered the non-regulation of dangerous genetically modified foods. The FDA's "non-regulation" Of GM Foods - Humans as guinea pigs - covering up health dangers - fake safety assessments (2007, Vol. 6, #172)

The Full Catastrophe Of Agrobiotechnology Part IV

Dangerous health risks of genetically modified (GM) foods, genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Genetically Engineered Crops May Produce Herbicide Inside Our Intestines. Disturbing gut bacteria. Endocrine disruption at extremely low doses. Inadequate animal feeding studies. (2007, Vol. 6, #159)

The Full Catastrophe Of Agrobiotechnology Part III

The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods. Americans are Uninformed and Misinformed on GMOs. (2007, Vol. 6, #158)

The Full Catastrophe Of Agrobiotechnology Part II

Bt cotton triggers allergic reactions - Bt corn pollen may cause allergies - Studies show immune responses to GM crops. (2007, Vol. 6, #157)

The Full Catastrophe Of Agrobiotechnology Part I

On Genetically Modified Foods -Toxins and Reproductive Failures - Higher death rates and organ damage - Reproductive failures and infant mortality - Farmers report livestock sterility and deaths. (2007, Vol. 6, #156)

Review Of Review Letters

surveyors from Centre for foodsafety and Centre for Ecological Apiculture: Expertises on negative side effects of GM crops, Hazards of pesticides and GM-crops to beneficial insects, especially Honeybees. (2007, Vol. 6, #155)

Green Genetic Engineering , Scientific Research And Foodsafety (2007, Vol. 6, #139)

Who Is Releasing Genetically Engineered Plants Or Animals In Landscape, Or Who Is Responsible For It, Can Be Taken To Court For It, Because He Committed An Act Of Culpable Negligence.  (2007,6, #112)

"Green" And "Red" Biotechnology In The Retreat (2007,6, #94)

For Instance Transgenic Goats

Only the most dramatic biotechnological errors are being perceived to be harmful as for instance transgenic goats - Research institues and organisations around JRC say good-bye to true science and don't even get the real problems into sight (2006,5,#,7)

Errors In Science And Untruth In Science Communication

for example on ISAAA-website (2006,5,#4)

Medicinal Aspects And Health Risks (2006,5,#2)

Cognition - Starting With Astonishment (2006,5,#1)

Who is doing his business in the sense of a machine, will get a machine-heart. (Konfuzius)
Those who cannot get excited about anything, I'll not teach. (Konfuzius)
The wonderfulness of the world is always adequate to the wonderfulness of the spirit, who looks at it. (Heinrich Heine)
The Intellect has a keen eye for methods and tools, but it is blind against aims and values. (Albert Einstein)
A business which earns nothing but money, is a bad business. (Henry Ford I.)
Modesty ought to be the virtue of those, who lack the others. (Lichtenberg)
The cleverness of a person can be calculated by the accuracy, wherewith he considers what happens in future or in the end. (Lichtenberg)
Two things are infinite: the universe and the human ignorance. But regarding the universe I don't feel completely certain yet. (Albert Einstein)

serious Biotech-strategists (2007, 6, #128)Deutsch
"pure necessity" of Liberty & Learning - to see phrases in science (2007,6,#98)Deutsch
Milton Friedman and his Liberty & Learning (2007, 6, # 97)Deutsch
Increasing purchasing power, basic income and useful work for everybody (2006,5,#72) Deutsch
Facts instead of "Truthiness" regarding genetically modified crops - learning from Canada -
Government in India has prohibited all field trials with genetically modified crops. There is no coexistence, no safety distance (2006,5,#64) Deutsch
Environmental risks of genetically modified plants not under control - Jeremy Sweet/EFSA and his kind of logic - Joachim Schiemann/EFSA and his kind of "Biosafety research"(2006,5,#61) Deutsch
The Coexistence of conventionell and gentecally modified plants is in general not possible -
worldwide foodstuffcrisis by Monsanto, Pioneer, Bayer & Co in near future - from chronique scandaleuse: genetically modified rice (2006,5,#53) Deutsch
Scientists from Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Australia) -
"Life Science Bavaria" and a decrease of culture in Bavaria -
Agro-genetic engineering: non-specific genes from genetically modified plants can get probably easier out of control than expected until now (2006,5,#29) Deutsch
Everbody wants foodsafety, only experts from EFSA are not interested(2006,5,#20) Deutsch
Germany again leading in innovation and technologies also without risky technologies like nuclear power and genetic engineering - Atomenergy and genetic engineering: Technologies without future (2006,5,#18)Deutsch
agrobiotechnology-scientists have a strong blind faith in authoring (2006,5,#14 )Deutsch
"The greatest worry provides me our scientifical new recruits. Whence we'll receive the next generations good biologists and geologists, if on the universities only genetic engineering get apprised? A biology, which has not the whole Organism and life habitats in the look, can contribute less to save our quality of life."
animal experiments not necessary in natural medicine. (2006,5,#13) Deutsch
Mechanistic view of the world in life sciences leads to unpredictably, disasterous results (2006,5,#12) Deutsch
Untruth in science communication(2006,5,#3)Deutsch


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