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Zbigniew Lipinski received Apimondia gold medal

for his book on honeybee swarms

("Essence and Mechanism of nest abandonment by honeybee swarms" by Zbigniew Lipinski,
302 p., 22 colour photos, many graphics, 3. Revisited edition 2002.)

For this book Zbigniew Lipinski has won the gold medal at the XXXVII. Apimondia Congress 2001 in Durban/South Africa.

One can comprehend, that the book deserved the gold medal. Because the author explains in his book not only his new theory on swarming of honeybees, but it flows also a rich experience treasure into it, as well as his extensive literature knowledge.

He speaks about the „effort to solve  the mystery of swarming in our beloved honeybees" (1), but is conscious, that only 1 % of the behaviour of the bees is actually known and documented by scientists (2).

This book is so extensive and the author describes therein so many phenomenons, that we can not spend too much time with going into details in this review. Thereto it may be referenced on diverse articles in the newest  issues of Apiculture.

Only one phenomenon we’ll point out: During working by the bees, it attracted attention to Zbigniew Lipinski, that the swarm behaviour absolutely may be different by the beecolonies, however only one behaviour points to a healthfully, strong colony. He distinguishes a normal („fast") and abnormal („slow") swarm constitution behaviour. Today bees are so degenerated, that they often show only an abnormal swarm constitution behaviour (3).

Adressed to beekeepers and scientists he says: „It is especially difficult for them to reconcile this theoretical knowledge with their own practical experience" or he lets the anciens speak: „shame on you for not understanding the wisdom of these insects" (4).

One should not concentrate on the fact , that the author itself at times get lost in too theoretical words („neuro- psycho - physiological aspects") , but on what he has to say actually - and that isn't little.

For scientist and bee keepers, who are familiar with the reading of scientifical literature, this book is exceedingly interesting and recommendable. In the next issues of Apiculture we'll look into it more detailed.

2003 October 15
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More Information:

Full version in: Apiculture 2 (3) 2003

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